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Home stay

  • In Dhading

    Helping to prepare Dal Bhat

Home stay is one of the best opportunities, to meet its people to know the country and traditions. Live with a Nepalese family, far away from tourism.

2 Home stays in Kathmandu

Stay a part of your holidays in Manamiju away from the noise and agitation, north of Thamel.

1 Home stays in a Nepali home

1 Home stay in a Swiss-Nepali home
We are happy, that our house in Kathmandu go on June 6th, 2015 green light from the structural engineer after the earthqauke in April 25 and May 12, 2015

2 Home stay in Dhading

Live and help on a Nepalese farm, far away from tourism.
The journey takes you to Sangkosh-Dhading, about 80 km west of Kathmandu
Live a Nepalese daily life: bringing drinking water, feeding the cattle’s, bringing the vegetables from the field and prepare for the Dal Bhat etc. During the monsoon and in late autumn we helping on the rice field.

Temporary houses were recently buildet.