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Nepali Highlights 13 days

A trip to Nepal is not automatically connected with a trek and simple accommodation. This tour gives you an insight into the life of Nepalese.

Annapurna Round Mountain Bike Tour 15 days

The "Annapurna Round", one of the most classic Himalayan trekking routes is driveable by bike since expanding the jeep track through the Valley.

Dhaulagiri Trek & Swiss Base Camp 23 days

The Dhaulagiri was the first discovered eight thousand peak and up to the year 1838 he was considered the highest mountain in the world.

Sailung Homestay Village Tour 11 days

It offers you a great inside view to the cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity of Nepal as well a fantastic view of the Himalaya.

Chepang Hills Trail – Chitwan 8 days

Nepal’s forgotten Native are famous for their knowledge of the healing effect of roots, fruits and herbs.

Millennium Trek 11 days

The highlights are the beautiful Himalayan view, the Millennium Cave with its underground waterfalls, ancient’s temple’s and monasteries.

Saribung Mustang Trek 25 days

Even for experienced trekkers it is an extraordinary journey into the ancient kingdom of Mustang and totally secluded regions close to Tibet.

Pikey & Dudhkunda Cultural Trek 15 days

The Dudhkunda - “The lake of milk” – is a holy mountain lake and it is said to be sacred.

Dudhkunda Monastery Trek 11 days

The Dudhkunda - “The lake of milk” - is said to be sacred. It is believed that taking a bath in its holy water will fulfill wishes.

Pikey Peak Monastery Trek 12 days

Thupten Choling Monastery: One of the biggest Monasteries in Nepal with more than 1’000 Monks and nuns of Tibetan origin.