Nepal is a beautiful country that is as versatile as their residents and it has more to offer than Mount Everest. It is the country where Lord Buddha was born and spread the message of peace and love all over the world. The Major population of Nepal is following Hindu and Buddhist religion. Kathmandu is also called “The city of temples”. Nowhere else in the world there are so many temples in one place as in Kathmandu.

The landscape of Nepal is very unique; the lowest elevation is at 60 m whereas the highest is 8’848 Meter (The Top of the World).
The lowlands, the Terai (flat and fertile land) is famous for the Jungle safari, Bird watching, River Rafting and village tours. In Lumbini you can visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

The midlands is hilly and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the mountains, jungles and farming terraces with beautiful local villages where you think the time has stood still. To visit one of the non-touristic areas is worth it.
The highland the famous Himalayan is not only the dream of mountaineers it is also a once in a lifetime thing. There are more than one thousand peaks above 6’000 meters and 8 mountains above 8’000 meters, whereas 326 peaks were open for the climbing.

Nepal’s hiking and trekking routes are versatile. Tell us your preferences and we will organize a tailor made Trek or Tour for you.

People from Nepal speaks hundreds of different languages as there are many different ethnic groups, but the official language is Nepali, most of them understand there official language. They learn English at school that’s why the young generation understands quite well English but many of them are too shy to speak with foreigners. There are hundreds of festivals in Nepal because of different ethnic groups as they have different traditions and beliefs. Maybe you have the chance to see one of these.

The Nepalese people says: ”aathiti Devo vaba” which literally means “Guest is our God” so, they are really happy to welcome Guests in their home.