Nepal Is one of the top destination for the travelers. Happy Himalayan Treks (HHT) organize any kind of tourism activities in Nepal with fair price and excellent services. Nepal is famous for the Trekking in different area of highest Mountains in the world, including Mount Everest. The shape and size of the mountains are different from each other that's why traveler like to stay longer than their holidays or like to visit again and again due to its natural beauties and panoramic view of mountains, jungles, farming terrace, beautiful local villages and many more. There are different options to make trekking in Nepal i.e. longer or shorter | easy, moderate or hard trekking | focus for Mountains | Lakes | Village | Monasteries or all together as their wish and desire to see something new. There are busy or quiet areas, Travelers can decide which kind of trekking would they prefer.

The major population of Nepal is depending on agriculture and tourism. Beside going trekking Travelers has many things to do in Nepal, for example they can make village home stay tour and work together with the local farmers on their field or they can learn the Nepalease culture. It is really unique and different than the developed countries. They also can teach students in a school as a volunteer the locals or the students will be really happy to welcome you. There are also so many temples and historical places to see beside mountains, if travelers have longer holiday they don’t have to spend their time only on trekking, Nepal offers many more different activities which is never enough to taste.

We, Happy Himalayan Treks team working to make a best trekking experienced in Nepal.